• Elephone Vowney

    Elephone VowneyElephone Vowney
    Elephone Vowney

    Elephone might not be the best-known brand out there, but this China-based company sure has released some interesting devices lately. The P7000 and P8000 handsets were actually really good, and their new P9000 line is supposed to be announced on January 15th. Elephone will announce three devices as part of this line, one of which will sport no bezels on the sides. The company is also planning to push out the Elephone W2 and ELE Watch smartwatches to the market as well, and the latter one will be powered by Android Wear. As you can see, Elephone is truly trying to get consumers’ attention, and we’ve actually managed to get our hands on their latest flagship, the Elephone Vowney. This smartphone is the most powerful handset Elephone has released to date, so let’s see how it performs, shall we.