iPad and MacBook Models With OLED Displays Rumored to Launch in 2022

The data was shared at the website’s paywalled”Before Moving to Press” segment, therefore there are no additional details yet, however, the complete report ought to be published by tomorrow.

Apple has slowly improved its adoption of OLED screens, beginning with all the Apple Watch at 2015. 2 decades after, the iPhone X became the initial iPhone having an OLED screen, and Apple has since enlarged the screen technology across the total iPhone 12 lineup.

Macs and iPads nevertheless use LCDs, possibly due in part to large OLED screens being costly to fabricate. High-end OLED TVs often cost thousands of dollars, by way of instance, using LCD models at equivalent display sizes generally priced much more affordable.

Back in November, Korean site The Elec reported that Apple planned to launch new iPad Pro versions featuring OLED screens in the next half 2021, also maintained that Samsung and LG were in the process of creating the screens. But this rumor was shortly followed by a study note from Barclays analysts who stated an iPad having an OLED screen doesn’t seem to be in the works for this particular season.

In a research note shared with MacRumors at December, the Barclays analysts stated an iPad having an OLED screen is not likely to start until 2022 in the oldest, according to their discussions with Apple provider resources in Asia.

Assuming that Apple really plans to launch iPad and MacBook versions with OLED screens, 2022 surely seems like a more probable timeframe, since Apple is widely expected to launch iPad and MacBook versions with Mini-LED-backlit LCD screens this season, and it’d definitely be fast for Apple to change screen technologies twice in precisely the exact same calendar year.

Given that Mini-LED backlit screens provide lots of the very same benefits as OLED, for example high brightness and higher contrast, 1 possibility is that Apple will gradually utilize a mixture of both screen technologies across its own iPad and Mac lineups based on cost factors.

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