Razer’s New Anzu Smart Glasses Break From the pack with Truly Wireless Audio

Razer is tonight officially announcing its Anzu”smart” eyeglasses, which accompany Bose, Amazon, along with other companies by incorporating sound speakers right to the temples. The 199.99 Anzu eyeglasses will be available in both round and rectangular eyeglasses, and each will come in 2 sizes: small and big. It is possible to place an order starting now.

2 sets of lenses arrive from the retail package: a routine, clear set that provides 35 percent blocking against blue lighting, and Razer also throws in sunglass lenses using 99% UV protection.

However, Razer has deviated from rivals with its strategy to sound glasses: the firm has employed a real wireless design that totally divides the right and left speakers. Razer claims this allows for improved relaxation because the frames allow for more flexibility and give. On the other hand, it might result in some strange charging scenarios: you need to control both temples in precisely the exact same time — you will find pogo pins on every one — and may theoretically experience the occasional authentic wireless frustrations such as sound dropouts on a single side.

In case you need prescription lenses, Razer has partnered with Lensabl to get a 15 percent reduction that is accessible to Anzu buyers. That will obviously wind up well over the typical cost, but exactly what exactly are us eyeglasses wearers to perform?

Razer has equipped each side using a 16mm driver, and there are also touch-responsive faucet gestures controls on temple which will permit you to switch monitors, answer calls, or trigger a voice assistant. The Anzu eyeglasses are rated IPX4 for water resistance, which means you will need to steer clear of considerable rain — however they ought to manage light splashes fine.

The Anzu glasses automatically power down when folded closed — reaching around 2 months of standby time and then set to the previous device once opened up. That is about on par with Bose, which quotes 5.5 hours because of its Tenor sound protections. In terms of sound bleed, which is almost always a side impact with those sound eyeglasses, Razer explained that individuals within arm’s space will most likely pick up in your songs.

The Anzu eyeglasses are only available from Razer.com and bodily RazerStore locations.

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