New mobile shower gives homeless community access to hygiene and resources

Local rotary clubs at Clackamas County increased money to get the unit for Love One, a nonprofit community-based company serving the homeless.

Locating a hot shower does not come easy to most experiencing homelessness. The pandemic closed public restrooms which makes it even tougher.

“People were not able to get water and soap. So that began to raise infestations and illnesses,” Love One Executive Director Brandi Johnson stated.

Community-based non-profit One Love would like to change this. The organization serves individuals in Clackamas County with laundry, showers, food, personal care sources, and neighborhood relations.

A staple of the maintenance is supplying access to showers. Johnson reported the need has become as COVID-19 has cut off access to water.

“We have had a couple of people come that have not had a shower over a year,” Johnson stated. “Lately we had a person who arrived and said he had not had a bath in 40 days.

The absence of accessibility to hygiene may result in infections and other medical issues. The cellular shower cart not merely addresses that issue, but in addition, it connects individuals to other sources and solutions.

“We supply showers to displaced people through the county, and we could take it to wherever they are, but the larger chance here is to create confidence and to deliver services to assist them attempt to transition from homelessness. That is the actual opportunity this presents.”

Five Rotary clubs from the region left the brand new shower cart potential.

“You have a baby shower or a bridal shower to celebrate the launching of some thing or any new stage in your life, so why would not you extend the shower”

Individuals brought in”shower presents” too; contributions of shampoo, shaving lotion, and body scrub.

“There is the public health aspect, that mitigates the infections and infestations, but there is also the expectation that it attracts,” Johnson stated. “It is more than only a shower, it is what else would you want. Let’s get to know youpersonally, your narrative, and we fulfill these requirements.”

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