Graduate program in College of Engineering and Technology adjusts name

The new title is much better suited to incorporate the hottest topics across a broad selection of the electric, mechanical and production technology fields.

The program has offered”classic” industry classes in quality, centers, production systems and study, and innovative modeling, based on program coordinator Paul Yanik.

“The MSET program will build on the present application that allow pupils to get technical thickness together with breadth in business and job management, whether full time or part time as a working pro,” said Yanik, also an associate professor at the College of Engineering and Technology. “The higher diversity of in-demand topics will offer pupils the chance to learn in regions that facilitate technical career progress or academic study.”

The title follows a tendency among similar applications to also provide research in contemporary and emerging topic regions of interest to business, such as technology creation, robotics, machine learning, instrumentation, media, and microcontroller systems. The motivation to produce the shift was a natural development of this area and business requirement for these skills, coupled with technical and research interests of college.

The program requirements in respect to timeline and hours won’t alter; just the assortment of classes that WCU can provide — that will be significantly increased. The degree requires a minimum of 10 courses (30 credits) and could be performed in as few as two decades either on the primary campus at Cullowhee, or evenings in the Biltmore Park educational website in Asheville. The program now enrolls 17 thesis-option pupils and 12 exam-option (coursework plus an extensive exam) pupils.

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