How Much is Google Pixel 6 Price in Canada

The Pixel 6 has just been released in Canada with a starting price of 767 Canadian dollars. It features Android 12 OS, 6.5-inch AMOLED FHD+ Display, 5G Network, Dual rear cameras, 50MP front camera, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, 4500mAh or 4616mAh battery, GPS, USB Type C, In-Display Fingerprint, and an Aluminum frame.


Google Pixel 6 is an Android 12 smartphone priced at $779 in Canada. The phone has a 6.5-inch AMOLED FHD+ display, a Google Tensor Processor, and 8GB of RAM. It also has a 4500mAh battery and a GPS receiver. The Pixel 6 is available in Charcoal, Sage, and Chalk colors. In addition to these features, the Pixel 6 has a built-in fingerprint reader and supports NFC.

Both Pixel 6 Pro has great camera systems. The Pixel 6 has a 50-megapixel primary camera and a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens. Both of them feature a 120-Hz refresh rate. Both phones also have a 3D-glass front panel and a 6.7-inch dynamic display. The Pixel 6 Pro has a dual-camera setup and an eight-megapixel selfie camera. Both of these cameras are capable of producing DSLR-quality images.

If you’re in Canada, you’ll want to consider the Pixel 6 Pro. The Pixel 6 costs $799 in Canada, while the Pixel 6 Pro is $1,179. Both smartphones will be released on October 28. You can also choose between a 64GB version and a 256GB one. The price of the Pixel 6 Pro depends on the carrier. It will cost you $999 if you purchase it from Verizon, but it’s likely to be even higher on the other two pages. If you’re looking for a 32GB model, the Pixel 6 will be more affordable.

The Pixel 6 is priced very competitively in Canada compared to other flagship smartphones. For $800, you get a lot of features at a fraction of the cost of rivals. While it doesn’t have the most powerful camera, it has excellent software and a sound processor. The Pixel 6 is one of the best phones on the market. The Pixel 6 is one of the best options if you want an affordable smartphone.


If you’re wondering how much the Google Pixel 6 is in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. This smartphone is sold in Canada for a starting price of $767. It features a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with a 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution and runs on Android 12. It also has an Octa-core processor and Google Tensor chipset, 128 GB of built-in storage, 12GB RAM, a 4614mAh non-removable battery, and is equipped with GPS, USB Type-C, and a built-in fingerprint reader.

The price of the Google Pixel 6 in Canada is higher than that of the iPhone XS or the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it still varies by province. The price depends on whether you want to purchase a new or used phone. The Pixel 6 can be used for all tasks, from texting to video calls. It can also be used for photography and other charges. And its battery life is long enough to last up to a day.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro costs CAD 1,179. It has a new camera system, Face Deblur, Magic Eraser, and HDR10+. The display features a 6.4-inch Full HD display and a pixel-rich resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels. It also boasts water resistance, wireless charging, and Titan M2 security. It will be available in Canada starting October 28. If you’re interested in purchasing one, contact your local retailer to see which models are currently available in Canada.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is available in 128GB and 256GB variants. As of this writing, the Canadian price is CA $799 for the 128GB version, while the 256GB Pixel costs CA $929. However, the Google Pixel 6 Pro price in Canada varies by region. The price difference for the one with 256GB storage is a hundred pounds. It is worth remembering that the UK and Europe have different pricing structures.


The Google Pixel 6 battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion cell that provides up to seventy-two hours of talk time, plus up to two days of standby time. But the battery is a compassionate component. Attempting to replace it yourself could cause harm, damage the device, or cause an explosion or fire. Also, improper battery disposal can cause serious safety issues. You should always bring the device to a qualified service center for battery replacement.

The Google Pixel 6 XL has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The phone features a dual-rear camera with a 50 MP sensor and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. It comes with Android 12, is water resistant, and has Titan M2 security. The phone’s battery life is impressive, but it’s not the only feature that makes it stand out. Its price tag is quite reasonable as well.

Charging options

There are various charging options available for the Google Pixel 6. Most come with a single USB-C charging port, but some are better for powering more than one device. If you’re looking for the fastest charger, you might consider purchasing a 30W multi-device charger, such as the Anker Nano II. This model uses GaN (gallium nitride) technology to provide a single USB-C port.

Other charging options include the Pixel 6 fast charging stand, which can charge the device up to 80% in one hour. While third-party chargers may not assign your phone as rapidly as a Google charger, you may want to consider an external charger. Anker sells a portable charger called the PowerCore III Elite, which features a 25600 mAh battery and a speed of 87W. This charger can charge the Pixel 6 Pro five times and is reasonably priced.

The battery in the Pixel 6 is also an issue. Some owners have reported that the battery runs at a prolonged rate and cannot charge their phone. While this is unfortunate, the problem will likely be resolved with a December 2021 update. The update also contains general improvements for battery performance and thermal performance. Additionally, the updated version also fixes an error with battery usage accounting. Regardless of which charging solution you choose, it’s essential to use a suitable device for the situation.

The charging rate for the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel six pro depends on the battery cell type, system design, and usage. However, Google has optimized the battery so that the device will charge at a high rate when the battery level is low. A Pixel 6 device can reach 50% in about 30 minutes and 80% in about an hour. You may also want to charge it overnight if you’re on the go.

5G support

The Google Pixel 6 has 5G support, but it’s unclear whether it will be a feature on all models. The phone’s C-Band radio support is one of the primary reasons Verizon’s 5G network does not yet support the phone. C-Band is a middle ground between mmWave and Sub6 5G networks. While the Pixel 6 Pro is equipped with the latter, the phone does not yet support mmWave on a carrier or unlocked models. Regardless, the phone will help C-Band irrespective of the page.

It is possible that the Pixel 6 or the Pro is not compatible with all 5G networks. You should check with your carrier to see if the phone supports 5G. It will likely support Sub-6 and millimeter-wave networks. However, this will depend on the airline you’re using and the region where you bought the phone. The following table details the phone’s support on the different networks.

The Google Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch FHD+ display and runs on a custom-made processor. The camera system is also upgraded. The phone also has an exclusive software suite. The hardware on both the Pixel 6 Pro is very impressive, but the software hasn’t been perfect. Another major drawback is many users have had trouble with the phone’s connectivity. Besides 5G connectivity, the phone’s wireless charging and mmWave support are a couple of other essential features.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro 6 have 5G support. However, it’s not possible to get 5G on T-Mobile yet. However, there is one good piece of news. The two devices will work on T-Mobile’s C-band network. As far as carrier support, both phones are available unlocked. Verizon and T-Mobile have stated that they will work on all 5G bands, and the Pixel 6 Pro supports millimeter-wave 5G.

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